my new server [sharing]

server name is TTG. working on levels right now.

Could you please tell us some details? What is the server’s theme? What are the server’s features?

He’s changed the name already anyway, I doubt much is really going to happen with this.

Anything consistent, anyway.

im not sure what its ganna be about yet. right now im still making levels and uploading bodies,hats etc,

Uploading bodies,hats,heads,etc… is not a job so please don’t make it sound as though it is. If I didn’t know any better I would say your from the iPhone version of graal.
Also how are you suppose to construct levels when you don’t know what your server is even about?

Yes I might be being harsh but this is graal reborn and this might just be me but Im sick of seeing people come along saying “hey look! we can make a server for free!” only to find out that it requires more effort and skill then some are willing to put in therefore leaving graal reborn, clogging up joeys hosting service and buggering up more then half of graal reborns servers…

i just started yesterday. im working on levels. i have a jail.i have 1 house so far. few different places to go. and im still learning. and im banned from graalclassic for hacking. that game sucks anyway. btw im not ganna leave graal reborn just bcuz its hard. its funner this way :smiley:

Ok, Ill be interested to see what you come up with. Although you should start braggin about your server once you have something decent on it.

sorry if u thought i was bragging lol. just letting people know about it so they can come check and see if its going good or not.