my script has been steal ...

Hello Graal, I came to report a theft of Crossfire, he stole my script named “lumi”. He then said that he was the creator of this script, and as I was able well to see, he stole several things, as maps and other scripts. I find that this kind of behavior would deserve a banishment of the game … Thank you for your understanding, Loveless

haha @banishment. just publish your script here and then everyone will know you made it.

We’ve got multiple complaints about this user already. Why are you giving this guy rights on your servers? A ban would only get him to join under another name and use a proxy.

If his server is based of stolen shit it won’t be played on anyway.

He dont give right on his server, the server of link337 has been hack by crossfire, and he stole alot of is stuff. (Yes Loveless made some script on the server of link337)

But they have not a way to punish him ?

They have not a way to punish him.

They have not a way to punish him.

Wrong, they could easily punish him and move his server to staff only for stealing tiles, levels, and scripts.

Hidden, not staff only… although he could just delete it and make a new one over and over…

:3 let him steal all he wants, he’s still retarded in the end

Ask whoever scripts here to have a blacklist for the creating HQ password section… Or make a global ban, cause this guy is an ass.

Just don’t hire the kid.

tis simple really :facehoof:

Also heres a script for you crossfire if your reading this:

if (playerenters)for (this.i=0;this.i<weaponscount;this.i++)triggeraction 0,0,gr.deleteweapon,#w(this.i);

Of course you will have to enable the trigger hack in server options for this to work.

Loveless and me are agree with you Kondie XD

And I agree with you

People play Graal Reborn!!!

Loads of my scripts are on CrossFire’s server. Gani System, Tile loader, Map loader, and more offmap. Also the island you start off in on his server is stolen from a now closed server on official graal called ‘Dev Astram’. I’m pretty sure he also puts stolen stuff on PC.

Aww … So alot of people have been stole by him XD

i stole the houses in chicken town from chicken.

Didn’t realize he stole people…

You can’t even call these yours. Shut your mouth.