My server breaks whenever I log on it.

Okay this is simple, my server is all fine whenever I set it up and it works if I get on RC; but if I log on through the Graal client, it drops DEAD.
So, what’s causing this problem?

Huge files being downloaded…

It’s his own server, he probably already has the files in webgifs ;D

Looks like the server breaks whenever someone logs in osl.nw

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Oh how interesting, the server freezes when I log in osl.nw But if I leave the level everything is back to normal

Here’s an idea. Get a new osl.nw O_o
And submit it to Nalin or someone for debugging.

I’ve tried, doesn’t work.

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I’ve figured out the problem.
The song that was play in osl.nw was 48 MEGABYTES in size. So, logging on would make it download it and overload my goddamn internet.

I warned you about trying to play MP3s, I assumed they were only 3MB, not damn near 50.

Use URLs to play MP3s.

example play [url];[/urlNO FUCKING HYPERLINK THX]

<@Joey> new server option:
<@Joey> maxfilesize (in kb) - 4096 (4mb cap)
<@Joey> if its over that, send that the file doesn’t exist to the client or w.e.
<@Joey> it’ll fix a lot of problems we’ve been having
<@Joey> it’s not been the first time we’ve had this problem

nalin, good idea or na? also private server option.