My server crashes when...

I recently finished the layout of my first .gmap (renvera_islands.gmap), I’ve got it working offline & online. Here’s what happens though…

Log in, starting in onlinestartlocal.nw, head into house with warp portal to the .gmap, playertouchsme script to warp to where players will begin on the gmap.
Once the level loads, I notice it says “failed” on the bottom-right corner of the screen, and while I can run around for a few seconds and see that my gmap is connecting properly, I get a message popup from my gserver saying, “gserver has stopped working”.
I’ve messed around with various ways to get the gmap working on the server, but when I finally get it to work this happens, so I was just wanting to know if anyone else has experienced this problem, or may know how to fix it. I’m probably just going about making a gmap load online all wrong, it seems I remember Agret telling me something about it way back, can’t remember the details though.

Any suggestions would be well appreciated!

gmap is broken… use bigmap I think it’s called.

It’s .txt files instead of .gmap

Thanks! I remember I think Agret or another older dev explaining it before, I was thinking it had something to do with .nw, I wouldn’t have any issues with using that format for my levels would I?

You should be fine.

Gmaps might work if you use the latest version of the code for the server. I don’t even know where the code is anymore, or if it was lost due to the transition to Git on Google.

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What’s the difference between gmaps and bigmaps anyway?

I was just accustomed to using gmaps on legit Graal, as long as they both operate the same, it shouldn’t be a problem. I’m not sure what the difference would be, visually anyway.

gmaps are one big level (that means npcs in neighbouring levels will execute), where as a bigmap is more primitive and each level is seperate but seemingly flows together. The only issue is that the npcs in neighbouring levels when using a bigmap don’t load into the client until you step foot in that level.

Btw, how do you not know this having been around here for such a substantial period of time?

It’s been nearly 8 years since I’ve been on graal, or much of any kind of game dev in general. I’m remembering gscript as I go.

Before I quit I had a working turn-based battle system I had been adding to and tweaking based off a server pack’s script I’d found. I’m looking for it now, anyone know what server it would be from?

*Found one in the ultimatenpcpack1/graaldropboxdump/rpg project

Also got my issue fixed, thanks!

I probably knew at some point but forgot about it.

I have to constantly work on something to keep in the rhythm of it. That applies to just about anything with me…
It’s like playing a guitar, if I go a substantial amount of time without playing, I might as well be a few steps ahead of a newbie in that regard.