My Statue

It’s not that good, made it fast, just wanted to have a statue.

dull that writing or make it broader so it makes enough sense to reason that its part of the statue and not a sticker


licks the sticker Yum, microdots!

Yenairo bring back the petition for tricxta PlEASE,0.0 anyways panijima I like it.

I wasn’t going to use it, so I didn’t make the Letters as good, or use the ‘best’ shades I could have. Just got bored of makin swords.

take your bullshit to misc dude, Ill only be too happy to destroy your thread there but as you can see your ruining this thread!!

URZA!!!I want you to listen up…whispersfirst I want you to delete calebs post then this one


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fair enough, the statue is good, its only the writing that lets it down. You should probably fix that

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oh an pana, you shouldnt be thanking caleb for his “I want this” posts, youll loose a fair amount of rep quick

By the 3rd post the topic had become off topic. Ofc

I don’t like the statue. : |

The statue doesn’t like you. Touche sir, toucheeee. >:O

The text doesn’t even seem like it should be on the statue.
It should be carved or something. Like sheesh.

He didn’t say that?

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He never said that, I looked, I would have thanked him if he had.



Took lollipops indexed statue then stuck your character on it, seems pretty simple.

Why does your statue have black clothes?

made from the volcanic rock of mt doom

cough did i mention i hate *****'s?

The problem with statues on Graal never looking like statues is because people feel the need to color them and make them look more like Graal characters instead of chunks of rock. A statue should be one solid shade of whatever choice you want for your statue(like gray) and that’s it. Details should be minimized and dulled down to mimic the effect of smooth chiseled statue instead of simply taking a snapshot of your character and slapping a grayscale effect on it.

he didnt even try though, he just took the fucking saturation right down… dont waste your time on trying to help those who dont want to at least give it a decent shot

If people aren’t putting effort into something then maybe they haven’t learned that effort pays off, or that there are better ways to do it.

I wouldn’t be so quick to call judgment simply because the quality is not high. Let his response judge his willingness to learn.

I cringe looking back at old work of mines because of the poor work, and the shoddy shortcuts I tried to take because I was never aware. If people shot me down constantly instead of trying to help I may have never learned and improved.

Are you talking about mine? I took quite a bit of work making that, I did all the recoloring myself not with lowering the saturation. It was my first statue, it was a piece of crap tho…