My technical issues

Since I have free time ive been working on my own world for the fun of it.

anyways, I was trying to put a map on it so i went to the tutorial on map making and read through it. I got the map to work, and it connected my levels, but the map shows up black.

whoever does the map for the Graal Reborn PW should be able to help you.

I think thats Marty.

While in the editor and in a zone with the levels linked, you should see the blue-ish compass cursor.

If you see this, then press “M” and it will generate a large map for you.

Then, add

setmap graalmap.png,levels.txt,playerx,playery;

Repace graalmap.png with your large map file and levels.txt with the file containing your levels array. If you leave playerx and playery as they are, you will see where the players actually are on the map. Or, if you’d rather not see that, just replace both of those with 0’s.

Thanks that seemed to Work

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I noticed that the health jars arn’t droping health. Can someone tell me how you get them to drop an item after picking them up. Or how to get items to appear after chopping bushes?

Simple answer, they don’t drop in offline mode ;D
If you’re hell bent on making it work in offline mode (to remain private to yourself and what not) I will work something out for you?
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