My Wow Private Server

Well it seems that yesterday taking only an hour and 25 minutes, i have my own wow private server. Right now im playing it and checking everything is fine (and that im the strongest character) until i run hamachi and publicize the server. I shall name it sentinel, if you wanna see screenshots, im gonna post them in the screenshot thread starting…maybe today. Anybody who wants to become gm or just play on my server feel free to post here. And lets face it, nobody wants to pay monthly just to play WoW, we just want to pay for the game.

Ok its up:
Create your account here - My Wow Server
Its a regular Blizz Server
Ill put rates by 8x
Need gms (4)
No Lag

Set your to:
set realmlist

Ill get to you when i finish, i got a error but its fixable and i still gotta add some things

Yes, but sadly i dont use them

If you play WoW my friend… Ill shoot you.

Official is perfect, why make a shit private MaNGOS server. I know that a lot of the MySQL (mangosd) code is mine so I know for a fact it is buggy :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont use mangos i use ascent :stuck_out_tongue:


I switched to ascent because all of my friends experience constant problems with mangos but ascent is the best

ascent / antrix (whatever its called) is a crock of shit!

Try playing that at uni and you’ll look like a dick. A nice 640x480 zelda clone (Graal Reborn) certainly attracts the girls :slight_smile:

Say what you want but im having fun :stuck_out_tongue:

having fun? you replied within less than a minute! Either you have some forum mod or you are not having fun.

nah mate… Its good fun. I just wish all the private servers joined to one big one!

Same with graal I guess (though no-one plays it haha)

Uni? thats short for university.

Girls? there are about 5 in the whole year haha. Yeah it attracts them more than quake and all that shit. I like girls :slight_smile:

3 out of the five even know what zelda is :smiley:

[quote=kpedersen;5247]having fun? you replied within less than a minute! Either you have some forum mod or you are not having fun.

nah mate… Its good fun. I just wish all the private servers joined to one big one!

Same with graal I guess (though no-one plays it haha)[/quote]

Wowscape is probably the biggest wow private server around

Wowscape looks good. They even have their own modifier :slight_smile: I remember the days of St3v0 and Dark4ngel in WoWEmu forums, united world crew or something. I met demonspi77 there lol. I kinda miss it, WoWEmu.NET never hit off :frowning:

wowscape can go to hell! BTW Burlex quit wowscape… Yes I remember I met karsten on United Wolrd Crew must be a few years now lol. Karsten I believe you were trying to recruit people for a game you guys were making in VB. ahh those were the days lmao. Back when Wow emulator modifying was chaotic fun and mostly bitching. lol kind of reminds me of graal 2001 in a way lmao… Still fun times, I remember all the exploits and hacks and begin able to bypass LACD FTW and server hosting es so fun =P. OMG sword FTW! Well you still can hack Wow like graal just not official.

…there are quite a lot of players on WoWscape. Damn, you guys got me considering getting all the shit I’d have to to play on it :(. I had some fun on pickle’s server a couple of years ago, but there was like barely anyone on. I’m not sure if I could really get into WoW, even playing for free.

Shouldn’t that have a spoiler tag :stuck_out_tongue: Graal can go higher than 640x480 anyway (Unless you’re on Graal5 with their bs guest account rofl)

lol perhaps also a tag lol
I posted that at around 3am after a night on the tiles lol

Seriously… I do rekon a retro Zelda clone is better than some crazy WoW addiction.
If you play WoW at uni, it means you have problems lol.

I don’t know, what if you only played it at uni when you had nothing to do rather than at home when you can do whatever else, then I don’t think that’s so bad.

ok what the heck is uni?

University, you’ll find out when you’re older :wink:

I think it’s College in USA.

I know what a university is but you guys kept saying uni so i got confused

Between 1999-2005 most girls avoided me or just ran when they saw anything related to “Graal” although a few girls sorta liked the old 1998-99 Java applet version back in the day more. Needless to say after I mostly quit graal, I had no problem getting a girl friend. I would avoid showing most MMORPGS in public unless you want the ultra nerd image. Although I do admit to playing Zelda LTTP and Graal on my older laptop next to Starbucks in the Detroit (DTW) airport last month while waiting 2 hours for a flight back to Seattle at 6am. A girl that played WoW up to level 60 before the expansion is my room mate, but she does not like much MMORPGs anymore, and is not anyone you’d wanna touch with a 10ft pole :stuck_out_tongue: