Need a tileset

Can anyone post a futuristic tileset i need it for my server and please post npc code too thanks.

Make your own or take aeons.

There needs to be a rule against asking for EVERYthing.
We will not make you the NPC “code” (It’s a script, btw), since it takes 5 seconds in commands.rtf to figure it out.

And if you want somebody to make SCRIPT at least say which one…

Sure I’ll make you a tile set, then I will script the addtiledef, next I will show up at your house with fine females, balloons, confetti, and a giant check written in permanent marker with commas. When would you like me to complete this project :slight_smile:

edit - fml should of looked at the date, nice rez sorry :frowning:

someone give him an infraction and this thread a lock already sigh

I’m pretty sure it would’ve happened in it’s own time.

it’s ok to ask for things.

If you want someone to make tiles for you why don’t you make a post in the player world section with the goals and intentions of your server.

Nobody around here is going to make a tile-set for you out of the kindness of their hearts unless you can prove you are skilled and your server is going somewhere.

Futuristic could have multiple iterations. You may want to outline exactly what you want and have planned or you could end up with some really retarded graphics that don’t even fit your needs. Say you want to make some shit that looks like star wars and someone makes you a tile set that looks like muppets in space.

You aren’t wrong to ask for help around here but think about what your asking first.