Need heads :O

Hey guys if anyone has some heads they wouldnt mind posting it would be awesome i need some ideas. And does anyone have confirmation that Everwind is coming to iPhone ive been searching EVERWHERE and i cant find any good head ideas :bang:

I think you want the other graal forums.

this doesn’t happen often enough

We shud make a massive banner next to the sleeping beholder saying: We’re not fucking

indeed, we are not having sexual intercourse with

Exactly, people assume too much.

I was working on everwind and they have no decent NATs so I dont think it will ever come out

I assume they had no decent LATs either.

you assume wrong fool :eek:

___Merged doublepost__________________

You’re the fool.

I was making fun of you, retard. You obviously worked there as a LAT.

and maybe im saying your wrong! The average person thinks my latting is pretty good

Spooon is the male version of Lulu from Final Fantasy X.

you know what… im not gunna continue replying to this bs thread -.-

They really don’t, they hired my brother once, and lemme tell you… he isn’t that good.

There is no possible way that I am wrong. The average person has lied to you!

Well if you want some iPhone heads, why don’t you learn about SSH or iFile.

ya i have ut ifile is jacked up

iFunBox then? It lets you browse your files while the iPod is plugged into the computer. You gotta be jailbroken though.

You need heads, and I need head. What can we do about this?