Need help with server setup.

Hello, so I decided to setup my server, but don’t really know how yet. :shrug:
I’m not sure if this is outdated but this is basically the Tutorial I have been following.

In the readme that comes with the folder, I completed everything up to number 5)
How-to setup a server:

So, to try to figure out away myself I followed the tutorial but then after looking at the tutorial got stuck on Step 1 & 3…:frustrated:

All I know is I have these two things: (I think that’s the router)
and my Wireless USB Adapter.

^In my server options, that doesn’t exist, I just have:

So what do I do??
I believe that I am using a Static IP
and my Router seems contain the information to get me Online. o.-, A lot of uncertainty.

This is not hard. Google how to port forward and be sure to include the router name for correct results. Or for 2 dollars I will do it for you via remote desktop or something.

I wouldn’t mind paying but I want to do it myself.

Edit: After enabling basic port forwarding on my Verizon Router, what do I do?

Start the gserver

Alright, I just need to find the pass and username of my Verizon account thing…
I heard you could do it without portforwarding??
is that risky or difficult?

neither. some routers can do it and some can’t.

How could I do it without port forwarding?
My pass on the panel is not working.

It will automatically do it if it can

Oh nvm it worked, thanks!

What do I add here:

It gives me options like:

Wait nvm :

what now?

I think I forgot to fill this up:

How do I?

Looks good to me I think. [email protected] out your local ip


Lol I didn’t have to do that but ehh…
It’s not working though? Nothing popups it just stays like that.
I also added the files to my Graal reborn folder, nothing worked either.

Uhm, that’s all. That means it is probably online but hidden and you need to enter your servername here:

Where is that program located? D:<


I still can’t find the program above though




I have the level in the same folder as my editor and the gserver.