Nekoroy site is down


That dude sure is vigilant. I guess I would be too if I had money coming in from little/no work.

Bare Minimum Input -> Max Benefitial Output


I’d say he has to be vigilante being a borderline international criminal. This has the makings to become a 007movie, we just need to find someone to play James Bond lol


Why does he care when almost nobody even uses Graal Reborn? The man can’t sleep at night without being haunted by the reminder he still can’t get rid of us.


That fills me with joy :’(


What is it about Graal that causes this intense kind of uh… autism? People like Antago and Unixmad are almost like cartoon characters in the way they behave. It’s really odd.

I guess I’m one to speak, but I blame 2009 meme culture for that autism.


The butthurt never ended :[
and he wants everyone else to be butthurt as well.


They were just as bad back in 1999. It has nothing to do with memes or culture.

It has everything to do with bad people with mental illness who have no morals or ethics and have an all around bad character who do not want to do any real work or make an honest living.

So what these liars, thieves and scammers do is mooch off of the other people who actually made things such as the good people like Stefan Knorr, Galen, Fuitad, Kyle0654, Mr. Hack, Bruges, PACHUKA, ect, ect.

If the lying thieving whining scammers ever do make anything of their own it’s absolute garbage that was slapped together in 1 minute with MS Paint, or a really bad idea or some insane incoherent and unreadable ramblings that look like they came out of an insane asylum.

They will then proceed to whine, throw tantrums, threaten and attack innocent people when their scam attempts fail or they otherwise don’t get their way. It’s not because of “the jews” or because “everyone who goes to church on sunday does so to telepathically conspire against them” as people like that actually believe.

They are failures and bad people due to no other reasons than their lack of creativity, lack of IQ, and lack of effort that people like that fail repeatedly.

To be honest Stephane is not “failing” despite putting zero effort or work into Graal, his ripped off Graal mobile games are making him way more money than he ever deserves which is nothing. Mobile apps are a cancer that enable untalented people and frauds to make money no matter how bad they suck.

The PC Graal Clients were made by Stefan Knorr and the levels and graphics of which were made by 3rd party people most of which are no longer around, are not affiliated with GraalOnline or “ToonSlab” or are working for the real Graal “Avalonia” and Stefan Knorr now. None of the PC Graal files were ever sold for profit or involved with profit in any way and are not sold or available anywhere else. The focus for the scam company ToonSlab and Stephane is scummy mobile apps of which I have nothing related to on my sites and never will. Mobile games, mobile apps and phone games are all cancer that I never want anything to do with.

Then you have the people like Carlito or Xor who beat up women. It’s a small man complex. They are small pathetic people, nothing more.


Ehh I guess I worded that wrong, I meant specifically my own autistic behavior that was specifically influenced by rage comics and cheezburger posts. As for the rest of your post, I’m specifically talking about those people behaving like stereotypically bad people. There’s gotta be a reason why Graal has such a high concentration of these kinds of people.


Got this little guy in my email today regarding hosting the client via Google Docs:


That is something called a bad faith or Fraudulent DMCA. Also he has not resided in France since 2015 and according to several people if he was to return to France or come to the U.S. he would be arrested upon entering the airport. It seems he ripped off Stefan Knorr and several others pretty badly in addition to failing to pay taxes in both France and the U.S. and putting up fraudulent/fictitious business info with the France employee registry. Stephane Portha currently resides somewhere in Mauritius and uses a fictitious person “David Manager”, fictitious company “MMO Expert” and Delaware address in both his domain whois’s and with Apple and Google play stores. This is fraud that both the U.S. and France authorities became aware of which is why Stephane Portha fled to Africa island Mauritius.

Refute the legitimacy of the DMCA claim and/or file a counter-dmca about it. Force him to prove copyright which is something he cannot do. or just re-upload it to another google docs thing.


The google docs and mediafire links are down, the rest still seem to be up. I wouldn’t be surprised if he tried targeting and all the other mirrors too. What a desperate and pathetic small guy.


The things people will do when they’re desperate… If anything else, start up a torrent. I’d gladly dedicate seeding for it.


I’m not even sure why he is so desperate. You’d think after the last hundred times he’d have realized that what we’re doing is legal.




firstname: Stephane
lastname: Portha
Company Name: TOONSLAB LTD
email: [email protected]
Address: 58 Sottise Road
City: Grand Baie
State/Province: Grand Baie
zip_code: 19808
Phone number: 23054789824

info matches up with his IP when this fucker keeps vandilizing wiki articles

btw new graal reborn mediafire link


Is it Toons Lab or Toon Slab?


By the way he capitalizes it in his letter I believe it’s Toon Slab.

Wait, that was a letter by GOATSE. I don’t know then.


If you check out you’ll see its “Toons Lab”, either way it’s a retarded company name that sounds just like the scam it is. Plus they don’t even make cartoons. A lot of thought went into that name, didn’t it Stephane