Never see the boat at graalport_d-2.nw

In the port office (31,26), I see the boat should arrive in -2 minutes generally.
But when it comes to -1, it goes back to -3 minutes.
And I never see this boat.

BTW: To the right room, the ATM when I touch it does nothing.
I would expect some instructions.

You need the ATM-card from the bank in graal city. Also, does the boat really work when no NPC-server is running? Spooon? skoopa? Anyone?

Yer the boat works. Spooon had to update the level when i wanted to use it though.

I had it working fine without needing an update level or npc server

I think all i added was a timereverywhere

Yeah I’ve had a lot of problems on GtA. Like half the chests are already open for me. I went to get the mirror shield and the chest was empty even though I have a level 1 shield.

Lol, that’s adorable since you don’t really know any better.

I’ll go update all the boat levels now.

Edit: Done. They should work for about a week or so.

Lol, how am I supposed to remember? I wasn’t sure how you fixed it, but I knew this version didn’t use a npc-server (back in the days).

I have no idea what’s wrong with the mirror shield level.