new favicon

i wiped out the favicon with the last upgrade and cant find a backup. everyone fire up your pirated photoshops and make one.

oh we can just use this

the fuck is a favicon

lol at the quote in your signature. Oh how I amuse myself. The favicon is in the address bar of your web browser representing a site, so I am unsure what dude is referring to but something along these lines although looking at the little picture he supplied us, I’m not to assume he’s trying to squeeze that tiny thing into a 16x16

Yes, I already do know what a favicon is. It’s pretty easy to deduce that favicon = favourites icon = bookmark icon. I have streamlined my Firefox though, so I don’t even see bookmarks or icons on tabs. It’s a waste of space. Not that anyone could have guessed without knowing those things, but it was a joke.

Your quote is more hilarious considering you will probably be thinking “why does he still have that in his signature” until you realize that I’m not going to take it out. Eventually you will be cringing over the fact that you said this and wishing you didn’t have a constant reminder of the time you really lost all credibility on these forums. Perhaps that will take 5 minutes, or 5 years. In any case, it’s a pleasure trading pleasantries with you.

dude he has autism, I doubt he’s lucid enough to realize he’s a giant cringe machine. with every single post he just digs himself deeper into his cringy grave of autism.

I dunno, even people with massive autism like me can see that this guy is a raving idiot. If he were working minimum wage for all the time he spent posting he would have his money. He’s mad because his one ticket out of the shitty life he has was taken by some baguette fucker who doesn’t even know his name. And quite frankly, why does he deserve money when he doesn’t even deserve respect?

Actually, I’m proud I said and I stand by what I said. In that moment you hurt my so disgustingly bad, that I wanted to murder you. Why would I be ashamed of saying what I said? I cursed you, dude. Take it and leave it in your signature, because I said it for a reason and I meant it whole heartedly, and still do. I may have fumbled around with my words a little but I absolutely meant it. Not even a single piece of it do I regret

Oh no some plebeian on the internet cursed me. My life is over omg.

thanks for all the support, fellas

That scroll would make a nice favicon if it could be readable in 16x16… why not take a screenshot of a nw file that’s linked with the editor. Put transparency and there you go.

Well do it

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Alright, will do once I come back home.

there you go [ATTACH=CONFIG]n183928[/ATTACH]

okay I made the favicon btw I’m an autistic prodigy and you have to credit and pay me for the entire website because my ORIGINAL FAVICON CHARACTER IDEA IS WORTH MILLIONS or else I would curse you with the power of the holy spirit since I’m the god of gravity
this is my original graal character the boombie, DO NOT STEEL UNIXMAD TM

fuc u mines better i almost beat you too

no fuc U. Cuz like whatever; I’m too cool for you to handle, I have an ice cream cone on my right cheek

And like, I have no idea how to get paid for my stuff on the internet so I bring up bad arguments about things.

fuck you hosler I can say I hate a certain group that makes up 13% of the US population but commits 50% of violent crimes and makes up the majority of the prison population if I want

So iconic.