New Forum Theme?

When you guys upgrade the forums you should change the theme to be beachy to match the new avatars. Ditch the green for some blue and maybe we can beg Riley to make a new logo for the forums. Somebody should change the client to match. (However they changed it for Eradia Online… Might have been a thread for that somewhere…)

If for no other reason it might reduce Yenairo spam. (Assuming he doesn’t just complain the entire time.) :stuck_out_tongue:

No, everything Will be goatse themed.

That might look pretty good. Would confuse a lot of people at first though.

EDIT: Wow, goatse theme would really freak people out…

That did go so well last time. :stuck_out_tongue:

Need a banner for Spooon Week next year. :smiley:

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That just gave me another great idea! :smiley:

oh god