New Mini-Quest, get some money!

Ok i’m putting this here for now, i don’t have the right software to edit the server message right now, so if your looking for some gralaats read this.

Here’s all you get from me…

theres a little girl in Harmonia city who would like some help, she’s near the water, go see what you can do.

If your looking for a shovel, i remember seeing an old guy around Harmonia as well, digging in a patch of dirt, go look for him, he can help you out.

Right click the servermessage.html thing in RC and hit edit.

Magic, isn’t it?

I know how to edit it, i don’t have a program to do so, new computer, no word processors on it yet.

What happens if you waste the money you get on bombs and arrows? You still need some sort of way to make money infinitely but slowly. Otherwise, we’ll all starve to death.


Just ignore Kondie…he is retarded sometimes…

When he grows up and wins the lottery, he’ll spend all of his money on bombs and arrows, and will die of starvation x.x

There are stupid kids that will spend all their money on bombs and arrows and then they can’t buy anything to make more money. You really need to give something that makes you SOME money besides a quest…

Lottery? xP

Or just make some quests that are repeatable O.o

I would run away too if my name was happy snuggles

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I cant find this bone, me and crossfire have been searching for 30 minutes, where is it?

In the dirt patches near the GP house… She clearly states it’s near there, lol.

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Damn it, I used all my $100 on bombs and arrows. How am I gonna make money!?

Lol just found it, I’ve checked there at least four times before though

Well now you gotta beg someone that has the rod, and has made some more money, for the 30g (i think its 30) so you can get the rod yourself =P

It would be nice to have the npc team fix mining though eh? and add another misc job like berry picking or even, finish the wine making job that was on the original versus playerworld (rudora too), i already have the images and the ganis for it

I think I’m going to just flat out re-script mining with keeping the crucial parts x.x

shovel doesn’t have gani, don’t work, what do?

I beat that eyeball quest and the guys house won’t open so I can’t get his grandfathers gear. :expressionless: You need a bug thread.

Edit: Never mind. Re-entered level and it worked.

again this is an issue with the ‘if created’ thing, that particular house uses if (created) setshape, instead of a normal level link, so it fucks up

its annoying