New Movie

so i don’t know if anyone else is into the resident evil’s as much as i am , but i just saw the preview for the next one a minute ago . anyone else been looking forward to it ?

Resident Evil Afterlife

I saw the trailer on TV. Looks cool.

Looks cool but I don’t know how into it you are so I can’t say for sure if I am as into it as you.
For all I know you might have setup shrines or something. This is the internet after all.

I saw a trailer on youtube. lots of people bitched because it didnt follow the game storyline

Does any of the movies follow the game storyline? This is a sequel to the previous three Resident Evil movies.

its the one where Alice attacks the main HQ with all her clones as backup.


Anyone else got a Graal shrine?

Ya, I call it ‘Graal Reborn’.

I’ve never watched a game-inspired movie, for the simple fact I don’t trust hollywood and I know they will ruin the series for me.

The only game-inspired movie that atleast had the right atmosphere and didn’t totally fuck everything up is Silent Hill. But that’s only my opinion.

The Resident Evil movies are braindead action and not scary at all. Yet fun to watch, and to point out all the bad actors.

People who don’t drool into cups, mostly.

Prince of Persia was cool, had lots of parkour so I think it captured the feel of the game :slight_smile:

The movie was decent. But I haven’t played the 3D PoP so I don’t have a reference.

My girlfriend is a massive PoP otaku, and she think the movie absolutely sucked in comparison to the games.

I’m a fan of the Resident Evil movies. I can’t wait to see this! :smiley: