New Reborn Server

Hello :slight_smile: we are looking for staff members in our new server DreadWalkClassic :smiley: We are accepting all types of positions but we are mainly focusing on development departments (gani,GAT,LAT,etc.) private message me if you would like to apply :smiley:

What’s your vision, direction and what is actually on? How big is your team?
I might code a couple things if your project has some direction/things for me to create.

P.S.: I won’t make staff tools.

It also needs to be online. Can’t test multiplayer shit offline and I don’t want my work to go to waste with a project that never lifts off.

[USER=“10627”]2ndwolf[/USER] Team is quite small, we have just started, we have lots of ideas and things to make, but we need a scripter, my discord is Shanks#4573

When you say “we” I’m curious as to who you’re making reference. Also do you have any gps yet? I can help you in that domain

[USER=“5637”]tricxta[/USER] when i say “we” i mean the current staff team, we don’t have any GP yet but sure you can become one, if you have what it takes

They’re something like 5…
Struggling to give me RC rights. I can’t help without 'em btw!

Btw tricxta you’d make a great GP. Rooting for you… tricxta for Chief GP!

wow this forum still exists and everyone still brown noses tricxta. lol sick!

[USER=“10627”]2ndwolf[/USER] some staff are confused with that, i will add you to the RC

Hey man, you wanna build a shit storm?

Some friendly advice… GPs are a joke with such a small player base. Typically servers that focus on hiring public relations staff from the get go tend to follow the trend of picking up staff tools from the forums then abusing anyone who dares set foot on the server. I sense that you actually do want to see your server succeed thus I would advise against hiring for such staff roles and to focus solidly on producing quality ideas and actually implementing them.

Pro tip: servers that bother to change the default starting level for players have been shown to have greater success in the long run.

How do you even build a regular storm lol. Good advice though.

starting with inflammatory comments is usually a pretty good start.

I will make some levels if you like. Provided you have some sort of map and an idea of what you want. Just forum PM or w/e.

[USER=“470”]Chicken[/USER] we have many ideas, we plan to construct 4 kingdoms, that’s what we are mainly looking at for the overworld

how many years have passed? and yet nobody misses you still