No sound

I’ve been having trouble with the sound on Graal Reborn for a few weeks for now. Nothing seems to work. Below are my audio settings.

Reinstall Graal, only thing that seems to work.


that’s never worked for me.

It’s always worked for me.

If you drop all sound in graal to 0 you can’t get the sound back on windows 7. you need to reinstall graal. That’s what happens to me atleast.

Maybe there’s a config file that needs to be deleted.

Not sure about the GR clients but with the official one I’ve previously resolved this type of problem by setting all volumes to 0, restarting the client, raising volumes back up and restarting the client again.

Spooons method works

Game cannot play any music once I switch to full screen. Sound in general has always been fine though.

Oh, that’s an old one. Just stretch the screen instead of maximizing the window.

Maximizing the screen doesn’t ever work for me, it just starts flashing the client.
Also, I’m on Windows 8.

It might be an old one, but new ppl don’t seem to know, so here it is:

You CANNOT go into fullscreen, or you won’t be able to play any midi until the client is restarted in windowed mode.

What’s tricky is that if you go into fullscreen while a midi is playing, it will keep playing until the end of the song and never restart, so you won’t realize it instantly.

Revert to windows XP.

Did I say revert? I meant upgrade.

Let me sum it all up for you :3…


Have your tried Reborn on different user accounts?

Start by upgrading your sound drivers. Search out custom drivers if they exist. If that does not work your going to have to do one of two things…

  1. Unmute your computer

  2. Re-install Graal…again.