Noddess: Grand Re-Opening!

I have been working on Noddess for a while with the help of a few others. We now have several fun things available to do on our server:

-Starting Quest
-Groggman: The Fugly Frog
-Bogcroak Caves
-The Sewer Adventures
-Railroad Madness
-Baddy Cave/Treehouse
-Sparkle’s Request
-Pedo Guy o_o

-Training Sword
-Purple Light Saber
-Red Light Saber
-Orange Blade Sword
-Bloody Sword o.O

Jobs! (Coming Soon)
-Restaurant Worker (OUT NOW!)


Yay screen shots, yay-holyshit what an incompatible tileset. o_o

even though it doesnt make much sense, the intro is badass.

The tutorial was a bit insulting, “Swim through the water” and “Using your sword cut down grass and bushes”.


Swords are a bit different on my server, some may not know how to use it yet.

Swords on your server are just a replace gani and when equipped set sword to level and then when unequip set sword to 0. >:|

but they still are

You’re tutorial is an insult also, SHOOT FIVE ARROWZ DOWN HERE, I didn’t need to though :<!

You should make it to where if arrows are five or over five for a target (set image) then the path opens to go to the next direction :<

It’s only yesterday that I realized I could cut grass and bushes with my sword… rather than take each bush over my head…
So that info is not insulting… to me… yet.

I will fix that up. Maybe someone could help memoir with a script for that??1?

I thought that was Dusty’s.
(Working with it all the time on Xialza I noticed the water texture and the cliffs)

i hate tutorials. everyone here already knows how to play.

target code:
if (wasshot)setstring client.tutarrowpass,#v(strtofloat(#s(client.tutarrowpass))+1);

door code:
if (strtofloat(#s(client.tutarrowpass))>=5 && playertouchsme)hidelocal;


Tileset originally formed from Classic iPhone’s for Xialza.


Ewwwwww… I was working with iPhone’s tiles!?

Not really.

The iPhone tiles used all free GFX. Mostly Dusty’s/Shiny’s. So chill your boner, alright?

Not just the tiles. I still feel a bit of resentment when I see Zodiac’s shit mixed in with UN and other stuff.

We don’t have UN on our server. Just Zodiac ganis.