Hello Everyone, as you previously may of heard I have started a server called “Noddess”. I am currently hiring NATs, Events, GPs, Ganis and maybe a few good LATs. Here are some pictures of my server.

Sometimes I wonder if a former Jätte Kult member edited that hat.
Has the same guild palette.

It was originally a black shogun hat. Then it got edited on UN and classic iPhone stole it from them. :smiley: (Classic iPhone stole all of their graphics, scripts, levels etc.)

nah the ipod uses more then just un’s scripts, it uses n-pulses chat script for that speach bubble thingo to pop up when the player starts to type :o

iPhone is just a cheesy scam to get money quick. I bet none of the people they steal from has iPhones, :stuck_out_tongue:

Well yeah, I did say “edited”. lol

Nevertheless it IS a cool looking hat (To me at least)


Why does everyone not look at what I’m saying and focus on something retarded like the hat. I’m looking for Staff not Hat Scientists… Seriously, WTH?

the problem is that the regulars on the forums are all working on their own project or working together on a project . so looking for staff here is like asking a blind man if he can read that poster on the wall . your best bet is to start working on a server and wait for people to come along here and there, that like what your doing and want to help out .

Some of the forum may be busy, but theres also lurkers like me.

Didn’t I already say that nobody will work on your stupid server? Most of the people on the forums don’t even play on the client most of the time.

please stop hatin’

yo ok

you gotta let us know wtf your server is trying to deliver, its theme and whatever

as of now all we get from the first page is ok its called noddess, and it has shitty levels

your intro post has to atleast look interesting

like if you had screenies with nice levels, that alone would make me log on to see what else you have

I agree with Spooon for once dude. The only reason I have staff on my server is because they asked to work on it, I didn’t offer. You need to wait for someone to come along and help rather than begging people to work on your server.

I’m not fucking hating at all. You are demanding that people work on your piece of shit server. They barely work on their own, why the hell would they work on yours?

On top of that you act like a ≤ 12 year old, who whines and asks (begs) for people to work on your server. Stop making these silly threads, all it eventually becomes about is you getting more talent! Anyone can do what you have done so far. Make it unique then even I would think about working there. >: \

Thanks for saying what I’ve been saying?

Pfft, I had something there in my brain before and I lost it, so I improvised.

Improvise fail. :frowning: