Nostalgia Realms Update - September 21st, 2018

Hi there, still working on the editor. I’ve been working on getting scrollbars back into the viewport again instead of just keyboard scrolling. It’s quite tricky because you will be asynchronously loading cells in (potentially) massive worlds. So there won’t be a fixed size for the scrollbar as new cells will be lazy-loaded using a different thread as you scroll. So it will have to be re-rendered any time that happens. I’m also planning on the option to search cells, as well as being able to type in values to jump to specific cells/coordinates.

In the meanwhile, my wife continues to work on pixel art. I’ve also added a lighting engine using custom shaders. I wrote and compiled them using the SPIR-V based shader cross-compiler, krafix.

Check it out!

Forum post:

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Cool, you could do like facebook or google image searching where the scroll bar updates to whatever quantity of new stuff was loaded once it hit the bottom.

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Looks cool, I’m very interested into seeing how this turns out.

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