NPC Interaction Tweaking Request

I don’t know if I’m just dumb, but I’m pretty sure that this should be fixed. When I’m trying to say “Yes” it goes to no and stays there, and either way when I try to just hit “enter” to yes it just goes to the next text scroll. If someone could fix that, that’d be just great.

Problem here is that the same onPlayerChats script is contained within both NPCs, so they actually cancel eachother out.

This stuff is obscure and ancient though, it’s not realistic to expect things like this to be fixed or for there to even be someone available to fix it.

Could at least press F5 and copy paste the level’s name here.

iirc Spooon and Kalzor are still available to fix it are they not? It seems like a simple NPC to begin with, and seeing as you know what the problem is, it shouldn’t be more than a tweak and a test or two. I probably don’t know what I’m talking about though.

My point was more on the general lines that you could probably find dozens/hundreds of little inconsequential bugs like this throughout the server, particularly because of its vastness and the fact it had gone through multiple incarnations and different Graal versions. It would take a substantial effort to weed them all out.

Oh. You do have a point there.

give me the level name and i’ll fix it.



done. touch npc, gets clothes.