NPC server

Ok. We got non NPC servers and Inxmad(not unixmad. INXMAD) NPC server. Why not fusion both and make a non buggy NPC server?

wow. can’t believe no one has thought of this yet. it will totally work!

Haha i know!!!

If we do this our gserver will support gs2! :smiley:

And we’ll be able to use better GraalClients!


I say we take one of the npc servers and improve on its functionality. Or kindly ask downsider to give us what he has of his :slight_smile:

All none of it?

I don’t know what the fuck a non NPC-server is. And Joey’s NPC-server is better than Inxmad’s.

Nobody wants to waste their time making a new client; the clients, not the GServers, handle GScript.

You don’t know what an NPC-server is, and I’d appreciate you let Graal Reborn fade away peacefully.