Do a thread with the NPC-prefix in this subforum and put the npc as a attachment (can contain multiple attachments) and it will end up here:

This now uses prefixes.

Well it looks like you got clever and out did me… I dont see much point in working on the Graal Developer Library now that you have something built right into the forums.

Congrats, you made it easier :stuck_out_tongue:

And this function has been around for ages. This works for the levels, gani and graphic section too. Since this probably is going to be used now I’m going to divide it up in different pages for each subject and add a search function.

Eh pretty neat.

i dont really like the .zip/.rar people uploading viruses etc…

I could test each one and alert you to them if that makes you feel better.
Or get a virus checker. :frowning:

I was thinking of multiple scripts that need eachother. but You can add more than one attachment so nvm

ugh looks like shit

What looks like shit? the page?


That’s because that’s a simple test page. I never finished it since no one was using it.

___Merged doublepost__________________

Re-read first post!

___Merged doublepost__________________

Oh, yeah, before I forget. Check your old threads and fix them as following for better structure!

it doesnt even work

Geez I never got this kind of love when I necroposted u guys called me a necrophillia and then ran off

That’s because nobody knows what your Avatar even is. It’s because you tried to make a server called Zorxa Online.

His avatar looks to me like a fox… perhaps someones rendition of Tails. Winking.

Nah, this forum is alot less active then when you necroposted. It’s slowly dying…

His avatar is the Tails Doll.

Is this thread necessary for a sticky anymore? The Showcase is maintained and can be used as a safer sharing method.

Totally fucking these threads. Mmmm dead threads.

Negroposter >:[