NPC warping?

I cant seem to find a script for warping an NPC to a certain level without having the player go with it. Can anyone show me the function or where to find the function?

O_o NPCs can’t warp to different levels…at least not in GS1

It’s possible just too much trigger actions and flags though

I was saying that there is an npc function called cantwarp that would prevent the npc from warping.
Therefore, it would not make sense that an npc cannot warp.
However, I found the context of this function when i was just messing around with it – it turns out npcs can warp usiing something like:

if (playertouchsme){
//npc follows the player so the player does all the warping
setlevel new1.nw;

Thats on offline command -_- doesnt work online

i know. I am doing this all in offline. sorry for not stating that =0

It’s server-side. The NPC-server has to do it. Not sure if our current NPC-Servers can do something like this.

Can’t do it - end of story. Thread closed.

Woooooo! Urza takin’ charge!