[NPCw] Flute

Here is a god damn instrument, the second easiest NPC to make next to a door.

if(playerenters) setimg sen_ico_flute.png;
if(playertouchsme) toweapons Flute;
if(weaponfired) {
while(!keydown(6)){ //Loop while Keydown is not A
for(this.k = 0; this.k < 4; this.k++) {
if(keydown(this.k)) setani sen_flute_,flute#v(this.k).wav;
freezeplayer 0.05;
sleep 0.05;
setani idle,;

If you need the sounds or ganis, just pick a shovel up on Sentinel, and dig at the bottom left tip (near the table) of the big chunk of rock you’re walking around on at onlinestartlocal (“unstick me”). There, I just gave out the hidden location of where you can get a free flute.

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That's close to what I had when I made my own flute. :slight_smile:

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That will fail to work since its running off of params, params are only carried over when the gani first plays :stuck_out_tongue:

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Like I said. It was close to mine. I didn't try to see if it worked. I'd supply a working script but I believe the ones that stalk the developement forums need to learn how to do this stuff themselves. This script is perfect because they'll have to make it work themselves.

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Well im new here but, i think this is a flawed theory… I am an avid coder in various languages none of which are c++ soo im learning and im going to start working on my own graal idea as i have time… wouldn’t it benefit everyone if people did not waste time doing a script that has been done before… if people are “script stalkers” then they will never want to learn any way… lol i think communism has it right in this situation… the few of you guys who work hard and post up more in the development will help save on redundant scripting and will in turn make the entire experience better for everyone… i’m just making the argument that withholding your scripts is a selfish action… granted you made them… but i thought this was supposed to be a community project?? for fun??

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it is a community project for fun. But its also insulting when you have someone who played the game for 30 minutes, found a ripped copy of someone’s hard work, says to everyone else “I’m going to make the best server ever, just give me all the NPCs”. A server as such will never lift off the ground, it gets request atleast 3 times a month, and is offensive to anyone who is actually trying to create something unique. Those who put their efforts together vs those who want to be fed with a silver spoon.

Servers that do go up to mock other servers (often having most of the things in them broken, and it being not of their material, there is a LOT which can be going wrong all at once), usually last 1~3 days, until the host’s ADD kicks in and they get bored because they realize “Hey, why is no one visiting me? My playercount is still 0”


As much as we are an emulation community; We all love to see original works and efforts, we want to see what other people think and make. Unoriginal people who follow the flock, don’t make the world go round.

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looks at it LOL, I forgot to put the keydown

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Add 1 to this.k in sen_flute_,flute#v(this.k).wav; to make it work. There is no flute0.wav file.

bumpin’ 4 teh newbs

could this be turned into a guitar or drums ?

Only if you blow hard enough… I’d also suggest making or finding the images, sounds, and gani’s to plug into the script where appropriate.

It seems everything but the drum gani can be found in the Ultimate Graal DVD:

I pinpointed them using the search box on Vista, can’t recall if it’s that easy on XP.

i have the gani’s for them

…I told you in the post linking to this topic. They’re the same thing, just change the ganis and sound files…

I’m Going To Make The Best Sewer Ever! Thanks Sukas! Muhahahahaa!!!

This got so insanely deep, for the npc forum. Amen to that tho. I’d love to play any new style of server. But playing 1 of 20, classic graal online clones… doesn’t sound that appealing. You can script pretty much any game you want in graal, so come up with a cool or fun server idea.

As long as it fits within the bytesize limitations. lol

Not every game you want, not without an npc-server anyway.

Tis what crude GServer hacks are for.
However if it involves pseudo-3d or proper z-depth, you’re mostly screwed.

what about a complete middle earth ? im not sure if people would consider it stealing or an omaz to a great story wrighter . tho its still not origional either way .