O genki desu ka?

Hey everyone out there . . it’s me again.
This time I have a little tiny question about 3 bushes.

Either the left with a trunk.
Middle without, but a leaf extending out further than on the right.
The right is just basically without the trunk.

The one on the far right, pwnage.

Thanks for the input Seraph . . . sort of a stupid poll, but it helps me. :smiley:

4th and 5th poll opitions… LAME and AWSOME…

I find it to be AWSOME, getting bored of the standard Graal stuff. this has the feel of graal while looking new and kool.

xD That comment itself is like . . either bad or good. lol Anyways, thanks for your input man. :smiley:

They all look good, but going by Graal’s default perspective, the right side will probably look best in use

Yeah good point, thanks for the input Solar. Much appreciated :smiley:

The right one, sir.

Thanks for the input Spooon.

Okay, I’m going with the right one. :smiley:

Woot he is going with the correct one…?? with one is that?

The one on the right Negitar. Stop being such retards around here… ;(

left -mid- right

oh, lol… dont you get a joke??

I think something bad happened, so he’s venting onto us. :smiley:
Or releasing his anger towards us. :smiley:

Or!!! Yep yep

umm yea, or he just dont like me… but that cant be it :smiley:

Who says it can’t?

oh i see your point… :frowning: