Yo, if you guys don’t like the PWA the get rid of it… wouldn’t really bother me that damn much.

The PWA isn’t on here just because of you, Urza. Nor are you saving it by being on it. People will always approve or disapprove of any idea.

While i am aware of that, if the staff think it in some way lessens the “freeness” of graal reborn by all means abolish the PWA… even though the staff would just take over it’s duties… All i really wanted to do was get a group that would help people instead of telling them to fuck off every time they ask for help >.> but w.e do what you want…

The whole inspection idea is what I don’t believe in. I’d love if a group of people came and helped others out. I don’t believe that we should be “looking” at servers and judging them on whether or not they qualify for anything. Let the servers be hidden or hosted by default… if the server looks determined enough, classic… gold once it can actually occupy some people for a little bit.

In the end, I would love to see graal reborn with a small community and both me and agret really want graal2001 to be redone and back to its prime (because that was one out of the four best times of playing graal, other being elven lands and i guess era / gx).

I’m working on two different projects related to graal reborn right now. When i’m on my computer I usually work on my npc-server, and when i’m on my laptop - i’m working on the new serverlist with IRC support in rc (to use phoonet / graal.in) while still trying to maintain my life (so yeah i work all damn night for graal reborn and work for my father)

Graal Reborn is still free, we just gave the freedom some order. The inspection idea is dumb as shit, though. This is why I said that only players should be int he PWA. Playing the server normally is the best inspection there is.

Seeing a player count continuously is the best way for us to consider upping a servers status, but people need to realize… no server really ever gets that far. Theres not enough players, so people give up. That’s why i’m hoping with the npc-server… it helps us out.

If you read the post i made that pesudo established the PWA i mean it to be an organization to help servers get developed/ teach people to develop

I never intended to inspect the damn servers that was thrust upon me in a way… i guess because i chose to take the name Playerworld Administration. Honestly where the servers are doesn’t really matter at all to me. I was fine with how it was done before i got this position…

I didn’t really read through the thread, but upon reading through threads - thats when i was like wait, what are we doing? we’re trying to get away from all this yet we’re doing it ourselves… whats next, global rcs??

And also spooon, i know you may think I have something against you… but I really don’t, i just feel like you try to pick at me on every little thing when i’m just trying to benefit graal reborn…

:stuck_out_tongue: i feel you on that. I guess when i said PWA everyone was like, “O_O wtf?”
I kinda feel like making a thread that gets rid of that notion now though, and would like to have a larger team than 2 people. feel free to take away any of the rights we have for those are in no way important to what i wanted to accomplish.

That’s just how Spooon is though…

I don’t really deal with much of that ( i mean i could, i just don’t )… I’m more of the guy whose busy staring at code making no progress (well sometimes, hah)… like the past hour now.

theres multiple times I just feel like ip banning him and i’m like, no whatever… he’ll stop getting on my back… but he continues to surprise me with bs.

And that’s why we love you joey, every once in a while you get on and work on a project( when you have time). There’s really nothing more that we could ask for.


I’d just be unbanned anyways. yawn

I believe in that and would like to be a part of helping people progress their servers if they have good ideas.

The reason I have hostility towards PWA is the whole inspection before even being a blip on the list. Being hidden is woefully depressing when you are trying to make cool stuff with nobody to see it, it’s what drove me away from official Graal after the server I was basically co-manager on shutdown.

If you are against that too then I have no problem with you, I’d just like a team established that can help servers progress. (You are basically that team already since you pretty much have RC everywhere lol)

I just wanted to establish some order to the serverlist. Joey and I have the same thoughts about this. We’ve had a discussion about it. What was meant with inspection was only that the PWA team should play on the server and see if there’s a good progress and people willing to develop further and establish a playerbase. Before the playerworld system was added, I manually got servers that looked promising up to silver/classic. Lumina was one of the first servers on reborn to go to silver for real.