forums are still gay
gonna go back to the golden land of Quit

might as well drop this link here to you guys to show you what I’ve been up to lately.
I’ve been making BGs there since before I quit here, and thought I might as well touch base and ego-boost at the same time.

“What? I thought you locked yourself out of your account…”
Yeah mission failure, because it’s not really possible.

Might come back if you guys can convince me otherwise. Seems deader than before though so it doesn’t look like a good idea.
p.s. wtf ever happened to “design a logo” contest. That shit still hasn’t even finished?

No submissions, but you should stay and troll with us. Otherwise you’ll miss the elections and the epic unveiling of EL2K12.

Yep shit all project wise has been happening here. We now have a minecraft server courtesy of urza though. Good to see you’re not dead though :slight_smile:
Just randomly check up on these forums but don’t post as crazily as you did before, I think a few people around here only need another month or so before they release their project.

I post funny shit.

It’s not strong enough to repel the massive amounts of gay inactivity on this forum tho.
Someone should really hand some power out to someone who can actually get this place fixed up in terms of broken pages and navigation.

No one took my Frequent Poster award >:/

Play minecraft.

i cant read the text on that site, yendawg.

Tell the kid with Jack from Radiata Stories to stab himself.

lol why? He’s the one who got me into Radiata anyway, and he’s my older brother…

Welcome back(ish)! Nice to see a familiar face return.


my sister goes there and the people she follows makes me feel like that place is a waste of good time… :c