Offensive Server

Shouldn’t the server FU*KER be removed from the playerworld list?

Nope, it’s been there for years. Besides, we don’t have the functionality to “hide” servers anymore.

Who owns it and why does that person keep that server up?

Don’t know / Because they can.

I ask myself that about most of the servers all the time.

i own it

This QQ thread tempts me to bring up a SUPER GOATSE TUBGIRL LAND server. You know the one me and Jelly spammed the GO Playerworlds with… It’s basically the Zelda maps with gay porn all over…

it’s not even offensive

I recall. I also recall helping stop that activity. Bygones <3

Give me that server. plox <3

Look for Zelda.rar in the playerworld folder of The Ultimate Graal DVD if you got it it has the levels and some hilarious pictures in it.

Oh I remember those days!

oh wait I don’t? -.-

I do. Hilarious.

lol. Sorry guys, but Graal Reborn has no capability to “police” things like this. It is somewhat by design. Know what is funny? Somebody once claimed that us “globals” could join any server at will. Sorry to let your expectations down, guys. Maybe I’ll add some secret backdoors and blacklisting code in the next release. It’s the Graal Way.

All we can do is make sure the server stays hidden if we change it back so unregistered servers aren’t allowed on the list. We could implement a swear-filter but why? I found out I hosted the server. It used to be Xeraxtor, but some member of that team apparently raged and deleted all files and changed the name to FU*KER. lol

we already need an update.

LOL xD that made me laugh so hard. xD

I’d be easier for you if you just asked for all the gay porn.