Offline server

Hello forum :slight_smile:

Been gone for a while! Want to start picking up GS2 again, and therefore i need GS2emu. Setting it up was the easy part, but i have a quesiton.

Is it possible for me to host a server without internet connection, making the gserver believe i’m online and connect to my server with client 222 to localhost?

And if so, how can this be accomplished. If not possible could you please explain why?


You can have a local host server, but you need an internet connection to log onto the client. Also Graal v2 cannot use GS2. GS2 wasn’t introduced until v4.

Actually, you don’t need an internet connection to run the client. You can run a server locally but you’ll also need to run your own ServerList. Then it’s just a matter of modifying your client’s Arrays2.dat file to point towards your local listserver rather than our one (


The above example would redirect everything to your local pc.

If you have trouble, feel free to add me on skype and I can help you through the process.

Spooon is completely correct about the GS2 part. You can’t use GS2 on our client, as it’s an older version and only supports GS1 clientside. On the serverside there are, however, a number of alternatives. You could for example, use a NPC-Server that uses for scripting, or 39ster’s GServer w/ NPC-Server. There are a number of releases around the forums which you can look into, which will allow you to script the server side of your game. If you’re after something “GS2-Like”, gmscript is probably your best bet.

v2 serverside functions work in offline mode.