I logged in to play it was offline :frowning:

It’s been offline for ages. Why would anyone want to play it now :shrug:

I should have finished it earlier… I didn’t play it much at first… thought it was going to be on forever at the time :open_mouth:

I was under the influence people rage quit after it being too hard, made worse by some crappy client glitches. If hosler’s hosting still exists I see no reason why it couldn’t go back up.

I did however have intentions of porting phoenix to one of the new projects, be that jatz’s or codr’s. Which ever one finishes first with the most adequate results.

hosler, host it host it :D.


I thought Phoenix’s quests were rather easy.

I can host phoenix if you want, I have a server box sitting in my room doing nothing at the moment.

Tricxta your account is still there. You can start the gserver whenever.

It’s up, enjoy it for what it’s worth lol.

I wouldn’t say hard… but some things would need some tuning…

The room I’m at has doors that close so fast that if I didn’t know graal I’d be sure I’m doing the wrong thing. Unless it is the move-around-perfectly-fast dungeon.

Not asking for fixes but I might not play runs as long as I thought because of these frustrations. Tomorrow I’ll be swift as a tiger.

Those dungeons were designed so you had to make no mistakes. Something I disagreed on at the time, also I’m not changing anything because where’s the point where I stop?
I’m busy with uni at the moment and don’t really have the time to invest. Sorry.

It’s frankly the first server I like that’s not classic.
And there was that server that got online for a short while back in graal 2001’s days, that looked promising, but I don’t remember the name…

Anyway, it’s impressive and I love Mollusk’s tiling.
All it needs is players.
Come, you players!

But Bomber Arena so good. Also, I made sure all of the quests on Phoenix were possible.