ok, taking it to member complaints then

First, I do appreciate that the mods keep this place clean. God knows there’s enough spam/flames to make modding here a full-time job. However, it feels like the mods have been going over-board with the thread-locking in the past few days.

Another thing that has been bugging me. When a thread is locked, could the mods stop posting in it? It kind pisses me off when I see mods lock a thread for spam and then continue to have a conversation IN THAT SAME THREAD.

That is all.

He’s QQ over a shitty joke holser posted, then followed it by making this same thread in spam, followed by holser QQ over his shitty joke thread getting locked.

It pissed me off that this was locked because for some god damn reason I don’t have mod rights in my own playerworld section. I’ve already asked for them…

Maybe it’s my misunderstanding of what the purpose of the misc section is. If I go look at page1 of the misc section I see half of the threads locked. I’ve never seen that level of mod intervention on any message board I’ve been on in the past.

Maybe the level of dickery around here requires that much of a heavy handedness. It just sucks when I’m reading a thread and think “oh, I’d like to contribute to this… oh… nevermind, it’s locked”.

___Merged doublepost__________________

Of course, Riley did say:

Riley locks threads left and right, I enjoyed the forums much more when he was not around. Oh and no that isn’t why I’m complaining, Riley. I hate it when ANY of my threads get locked.

No, it’s mostly just you who’s a dick.

This is what you guys get for spamming everything, in every thread, for the last…what? Two or so years?

As for Misc, you either have no brain-cells or just trying to get everyone to feel sorry for you and get what you want. Those threads are locked for a reason, it doesn’t compare to all the other threads that has had to been locked in the last week elsewhere.

Edit: Plus, your whining over Misc? LMAO.

It’s not so as to why threads are locked with reason or not, it’s just people want to do whatever the hell they want like before.

Ok, what I’m getting at is: I’ll see threads go on for ages when technically they should probably be in a different section.

Then I’ll see a thread that should also probably be in a different section AND also says something bad about one of the mods.

The second scenario suddenly spawn the insta-thread-close. That seems biased and that’s the bit that pisses me off.

I’ve said my peace.

It doesn’t tell me who locks threads. Besides, your reasons are bullshit. :slight_smile: Really, I’m done trying to reason with you though.

Stop using <> it’s [] brackets.

You people realize you can make the same fucking thread and try again right? When we do give reasons for locking it, it doesn’t stop you guys from bitching anyway.

Things changed once Cad got sick of stupid shit from all of us.

I only lock threads in Misc that have derailed. A thread in Misc CAN derail.
See: opshon posting a flame rant in Battle. Battle is for random bullshit, not attacking someone. Posts moved to a new thread, locked by someone else.

That’s the sort of content that deserves to be locked up.

In any cases that I have been involved in/seen recently of locked threads in other boards, they have been properly justified. No one can help that all of you want to whine, bitch, and fight over something in a thread that is about something else. If you have personal problems with someone, takes it elsewhere. Preferably to a PM.

And if you can’t settle the problem or at least agree to disagree and the bullshit continues, then get yourself banned.


Why did you do that? Didn’t you read the first post in the ‘Battle’ thread? Almost everything is allowed in ‘Battle’.

I told everybody not to give me any moderation powers, even over misc!

But I actually just took the fight elsewhere, someone else locked it. I didn’t want Battle getting locked. Allowed or not…

It wasn’t a fight, it’s just another one of these endless arguments everyone else is starting. A fight you scream out, post out, etc. Pretty sure that was never gonna end.

Just like Kondie vs. Riley.

The only thing that’s gonna stop it is growing up or a ban.

So it’ll probably not stop.

You are very wise my friend, as you are, indeed correct. :[

Wow, just wow. First you complain about spam and moderators not doing their work. Then as soon as moderators start to do their work properly you complain even more? Make up your fucking minds!

The whole reason for the staff changes was mainly because I got fed up with people PM’ing me with complaints about abuse from higher ranks. I was also having a shit day, so I got carried away.

Pretty please everyone. Just stop taking shit way to serious and just enjoy the community without posting slander and flaming eachother.

Spam and such -> Misc.
Serious biz -> Right subforum.

Is that too much to ask?

oh why did i decide to post this morning
im sorry everybody. seriously wtf happened

Yeah, hosler this is all your fault :wink:

I’ll take some of the blame as well for continuing the raging. My bad guys.

I will fucking kill you.

I was joking. I put the “;)” because it was just as much my fault (or even more-so) for starting this damn thread.

Leave threads in the scripting section open. Just because Noob99 posts something that “works” doesn’t mean it couldn’t be done more efficiently or cleaner.

Think Riley’s the one who does this, but I often find myself frustrated at it when I see poorly written scripts in locked threads.