Protesters got it right

olympics are so stupid, if I was the head of state I would ban them from being hosted in my country. giant waste of money

Man… the visibility it gives a city and the tourism rush is more than beneficial, not counting the way it exports cultural richness of the hosting country every time.
More than that, countries compete in a peaceful way and the way it promotes sports and healthy life styles has economical impact everywhere, makes people motivated towards an healthy life style.

And just like everything about olympics is great.
Not sure if that is a troll or just a young person who fails seeing the big picture as young people tend to.

cities spend more money hosting the games than they make most of the time lol

I know, but it’s not the point at all.

fuck the olympics, fuck brazil, fuck everything I don’t like
how about people kick around some balls or do some other dumb shit without wasting millions?

Serfs need a distraction to numb the pain of existence.

My city used the olympics as an excuse to spend way too much money because the name of my city was the same name as one of the Olympic hosts just a few years ago. Please explain how everything about the olympics is great when your mayor is a fucking retard

nothing would be great if we had to take into account idiots and twits.

Everything would be great if we didn’t take into account idiots and twits.

Olympics are an excuse for a corrupt politicians and bureaucrats to raid the treasury to dole out to their sponsors. It doesn’t cost a few hundred billion dollars to build a pool, but it might if you’re hosting the Olympics. It can be definitely be done, and with future profit, but what experience do “public servants” actually have that qualify them to manage such an undertaking or our lives in general for that matter?
One of the cities near me runs shitty events that I could do far better by myself with a tiny fraction of the money “invested”.