OMG can't log in!

I can’t log int-
The listserver’s down. : D

\o/ YAY!

\o/ Maybe people will think Graal is down! (Benjiro I am looking at you :whatever:)

Unsuccessful troll is unsuccessful.

Which troll?
This is no joke, you can’t log onto any server.

Yeah, I can’t log in to client or RC either. It’s kinda irritating. :frowning:

Can’t you guys fucking read?

listserver went down earlier this morning. Have patience they will fix it in time. I’m guessing its mysql related since it seemed to be acting like the serverlist build I have does in no-mysql mode.

Posted on Dec 30, 2010 - 1:01 PM

That was posted atleast 1 month ago.

Damn it. Was hoping you’d just shut the fuck up and be too lazy to check.

I always check such stuff.
By the way, if it weren’t posted it would probably take longer before it gets back up.
Edit: Ok, now it’s more or less back up…
Not sure if it’s just something on my end but it’s only showing 1 server at a time.

The listserver is back up, however it appears to be malfunctioning

New Server: Q's Server 
New Connection: -> Server 
Server disconnected: Q's Server 
New Server: project_Asterisk 
New Connection: -> Server 
Server disconnected: project_Asterisk 

As soon as a connection is established it gets dropped…

Therefore the client shows 1 server at a time, and RC just disconnects whenever you log in

What was it you just said a couple posts back?

Oh yeah.

This scenario makes refreshing over and over quite amusing though

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For instance did anyone know there’s a server called Dabbleinmydrugs?

It’s like chat roulette, only with servers instead of chatters.
Edit: i’m currently on sanstrata. meet me there to idle. XD

I knew that o_o

This is exactly how the listserver build I complied from the svn source functions in no-mysql mode, and if you keep refreshing RC and client server list you can connect. Only thing is in no-mysql mode it has no authentication/account verification support so anyone can login to your server using any account name they want regardless of passwd.

Except the mysql server is running, I can’t log in with fake info right now

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Either way, it appears to be back down again. Time to sit and wait.

So, your listserver is also terminating connections instantly?

Yes, but I assumed it was because I haven’t configured the mysql database yet. So I didnt report it as a bug. I had no plans on building a working mysql db for listserver so long as Graal Reborn continues to serve that purpose.

Also, although it says the connection was terminated, if you manage to connect to the server while it is listed (keep refreshing) you will not lose your connection so long as the server remains operational. It should also be noted that I didnot and still donot currently have boost support with my listserver build.

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I am currently running the listserver in no-mysql mode and using the newmain RC v1.42 to connect directly to all 3 of my servers (bypassing the listserver). I edited arrays2.dat in the client folders and connected to all 3 servers with the 2.22 client. The old newmain RC lets you choose the server ip and port to connect to and it works great with gserver 2.4.0. This is a great dev solution if you want to dev with a working server locally.