I put my open source GS1 compiler/VM on GitHub today, check it out.

This is some cool shit. Thanks.

Good shit.

Awesome, I can finally study how and why a parser works.
I believe from the file extensions that it is C++… does it mean that we(or just I) will(or would?) have to use C++ to build upon it?

I don’t really understand what OpenGS1 does… it seems pretty basic and it contains almost no gs1 commands.

Think of OpenGS1 as a tool for mapping code written in the GS1 grammar to some arbitrary lower level functionality implemented somewhere else. I.e. A client or server…

Correct, in order to build upon this project you’ll need to write in c++.

Ok, thanks. I’ll try to stay off my computer for a couple days… I’m using waay too much data.

Just letting you know that I struck these errors with a fresh install of visual studio 2015 and Cmake.

If you could give me any hints on how to resolve these, it’d be appreciated.

Those are builtins that probably aren’t implemented by MSVC, I’ve only tested this with Clang. I use them them for swapping endianness.

If you replace it, feel free to submit a pull request or I’ll patch it myself whenever I get around to it.

Also, packed structs apparently have a different preprocessor directive for MSVC. You’d also have to change the attribute((packed)) thing.

Any thoughts on a GS1 -> game monkey script converter?

Cool this means we could finally do an NPC server with GS1 script :slight_smile: is the bytecode compatible with newer Graal clients?