Our policy on 'cracking jokes' in threads

The policy isn’t actually written yet. This is a placeholder. This might seem unprofessional, but it’s more efficient in my eyes.

The community needs to know we DO have a stance on this and that we do care, but it’s not black and white.
Give us a little time to pull ourselves together and write this policy, it will show up here in the place of this message.

Both The Mollusk and I have a lot of responsibilities in real life regarding work and school, and I myself have minor disabilities.
But we’re working hard to pull things together behind the scenes, not just talk about it all a bunch to each other.

So be patient for a little while longer and you’ll see some results.

But please, also try to do what you can to help, not just pointing out the faults. I’m definitely not asking of you to be vigilantes or zealots.
Please don’t do that!

But I need more of you to apply for a moderation position and I need you all to work together the best you can.

I’ll have our policy up by today or hopefully tomorrow. I have exams this week.

So don’t post unless it will help the thread starter. Don’t start a conversation with someone else.

Misc is where you can do all these things.