Outdated RC crash

Connect to the gserver directly with an outdated RC that allows you to specify the server IP and Port such as RC 1.3 / 1.28 / 1.19 -This will cause the target server to crash.

Version: SVN Compiled and released by Urza on 2012-12-07, 03:24 AM

OS: Windows 7

If you’re not using the latest SVN revision, this information isn’t useful at all. It doesn’t crash for me.

Also, specifying if you run it on windows or linux is crucial. If you compiled it yourself, revision number is also good to have.

Edit: updated original post

He is probably using old rc in dvd pack.

The RC for Graal v1? I was assuming that was what he was referring to. What’s unclear is which revision Urza compiled. I stated in his thread that it wasn’t wise to give that version out, as there’s a lot of work in progress on the current source that would have to be cleaned up before an actual release.

This work in progress might cause crashes and such. To be certain you’re using a stable version of the server, download it from the downloads page, as these are official builds. No, Urza’s build does not count as official. He could’ve done anything to that build before compiling it, not that I think he did anything malicious with it, but he might just have.

However it might be, it’s unwise to go with an unofficial unstable in-development build even though it offers more features as it is in-development or between versions.

If you want to play around with newer builds and help debugging, download the source from svn and compile it in debug mode. If you have no idea how to do this, just don’t or learn. We can test the Urza-build with the old RC and see what happens, but without a way to debug, it’s much harder to figure out what is actually happening.

I don’t mean to be harsh and I’m not criticizing Urza for that matter. I’m just being honest.

Yes I was using an old Graal v1.x RC 1.3 and RC 1.19, when I was testing stuff with the older servers and clients. Not sure if its been fixed in current SVN or not. Either way if I find a bug that hasn’t previously been reported it doesnt hurt to post it in case it hasnt been spotted on the latest commit.

Edit: This bug should not affect the official release (2.4.0), it does affect the unstable release 2.4.x posted by urza. (At the time of this post)

Will this rc crash any server or just the ones you have rc rights on?

Any server you target regardless whether or not you have rights. It doesn’t actually login, it attempts to login (using any account/password) and the result is the same: crashed gserver.

EDIT: Appears to have no effect on the current release at this time (2.4.0) As Cadavre said, use un-official releases of gserver at your own risk! It should be noted that any servers running the 2.4.x SVN build posted by urza are vulnerable to this. Try it yourself. (You can get RC 1.3/1.19 here.)

oh god. this thread should be deleted now.

Unfortunately the entire development team of OpenGraal/Graal Reborn is busy with work, studies, side projects or are just not interested in Graal anymore which makes progress rather stagnant. However, we who still have SOME time on our hands have plans for the gserver. A new version should be released sometime this year.

I do have time on my hands, but I am no expert C/C++ developer. I’m pretty novice when it comes to that, and I’ve stumbled upon some disturbing leaks of information inside the gserver that cause errors. Stuff that happened after Nalin stopped developing. If you know how SVN works and have some knowledge in C++, you could get the 2.4.0 build to have the extended script properties.

I might attempt to patch the 2.4.0 build to add this and release it as the 2.4.1 build when I get the time to do it.

I tried the 1.39v2 (I think that’s what it was…? I know it was 1.39.) RC. It didn’t do shit. I’ll see if I can find an older one.

Edit: 1.33 didn’t crash it.
Edit: “rc1025” didn’t crash it.

Well thats good news, maybe the issue was local or with the unstable build I was testing. I have reverted my server to 2.4.0 official release. If no one can reproduce the issue then this thread can be removed and I will refrain from posting bugs unless they are with the latest official release. Thanks for testing.