Party on PWA!!1!

I’m thinking about doing something for an hour or so daily on PWA. What times are good for anybody interested in hanging out?

cant connect

Whatever time you want, if I happen to be in the mood when it happens, I’ll be there. I don’t have any schedule for the moment.

Okay I reset the accounts and got the new world up. Most of the buildings don’t link to anything yet though, I didn’t get that far with the overhaul.
What was the command to update all of the levels again?

tried /updatealllevels and /updatelevelsall?
Can’t remember clearly but I’d try those.

so we need tricxta to make us some chickens so we can make them fight each other

I can do this.


It’s officially a party.

I am 100% certain cock fighting will attract new members

we should have clan wars where we steal TVs and other valuables such as pots from opposing clans and you fight to get your stolen shit back

Oni and I are working on a new mini game, much excite.

I’m fucking pumped

I’ll finish my script eventually.