Pebble in the Pond ;)

Sooo how do you like this graffic I’ve made pretty sweet huh I think so
and I know Urza liked it.

It…It just seems to me that it ties the site together you know what I mean?

Right click and save if you want it

lol i just saw the spoon haha

good job lol :munch:

Nice chief. Nice.

Know who made the sign 'eh from scratch? :wink: Yeah, I did.
Now if I was really to judge said image, the bed really doesn’t go together well since the view angle looks fucked up on it compared to the sign.

That be said for all of graal graphics. Shit don’t go together. Got different perspectives coming out the ass.

I made that spoon in MSPaint. It’s the best ever.

Haha yeah, it looks so completely fucked up. :stuck_out_tongue:

Have me sitting on top of the sign, giving the finger while an angry ruza is asking me how to do that.

I hope you mean Urza’s Graal Character and not my Ruza. :stuck_out_tongue:
Ruza needs not a finger for he is a beast that has slain countless “nooblets” in the lobby. :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad your enjoying the pebble

Well thanks then Urza for the sign the placment of the bed grafix
did strike me as odd & way out of place.

But I didn’t want beholder to think I would have the audacity
to put myself in the pic and then just throw him
on the floor with spoon
hey spoon :wink:

Here’s a thought instead of relying on (me) to keep this thread open,
why not have some fun and make some sign renditions of your own.

Not that you would ever need to rely on me for that

This is all possable with a screen capture tool.
and a free image program like Gimp 2.6
I also have used Pixelitor for the Trancparency fills
since for some reason gimp won’t do that
100% of the time. : )

say what, why thank me?

Uhhh sorry Urza Nice catch.

I guess I got caught up in the theme of odd and out of place
3-4 nights in a row of going to bed at 3 am does that to me.

Sorry RileyFiery

All Thanks Goes to You ~“RileyFiery”~ The True-ith One Whom Made-ith the Logo!.. thanks.


it never slain me…I slayed it

Do it, faggot.

Maybe if it actually worked like that around here…

Fixing the perspective on the sign is about as easy as making the top of it slightly larger.

Not like it matters as everything perspective-wise in Graal is as fucked as a $2 whore. It actually represents Graal accurately. Seriously, one of the complaints I get a lot with some of my graphics are that “they don’t look right with default graphics, they look weird” which usually boils down to me doing the perspective RIGHT, and it looking weird against perspective that doesn’t look right. For example, hats.

Yen, when you man up and stop dick riding most people, I might then ye’ faggot. :stuck_out_tongue:
Pie, it’s going to be fine. Ruza may have snapped you in half, but it shall be slain eventually, possibly by Dontar. lol Mother Urza may fight the slayer though, who knows? Although that may be true Shiny, if you’re comparing the perspective of my sign to the bed, I believe it’s fine with the Graal Character.

Everyone: To solve the whole perspective issue, make everything yourself from scratch and don’t use/edit Graal defaults.

plese gawdses of GR kill Fred now!