People who have been members for less than 2 years

I just want to let the idiots who haven’t been here long enough to understand what Graal Reborn is, to understand why Graal Reborn was made, and to understand why the people who have been here longer are losing hope in GR and leaving.

To the idiots who make Unixmad/Stephane Portha/Stefan Knorr hate posts within the first couple weeks of joining GR, shut the fuck up. You don’t know what they’ve done. You don’t know the history between them and our earliest of members. We are no longer part of anti-Unixmad, and we haven’t been part of that for years.

To the faggots who think they have been here long enough to feel superior to people who are just joining, if you’ve joined within the last two years odds are that you’re just like them. You’re probably from the iPhone Graal servers, and while you may have “given up” playing iGraal you’re still tainted in my eyes.

To the retards who think that they are being targeted for abuse or harassment because they come onto Graal Reborn thinking they can do whatever they want on “free Graal” and stomp up so much fucking drama that it puts a cloud around people who actually need help. You are the people who need to be educated the fucking fastest, because you’re the assholes who start up problems. On the forums, we do not care if someone stole your whatever. We simply do not care. Once you learn that, you’ll find that GR is a more enjoyable place. If you’re a “large” server like Xialza or Noddess, stop fucking worrying about people “stealing” your stuff. If you’re the original owner of it, you’ll be the one getting the playercount not the people who stole your stuff.

To the dumbasses who completely suck the dicks of anyone who gives away free scripts, graphics, anything, I fucking hate you all because you’re all fake. You put on a false smile and grab up whatever you can because you all want to make “the perfect server.” I don’t see how any of your servers will ever gain playercounts if you all
a) Have the same types of servers
b) Share staff members
c) Use the same scripts and images.
I’ll never understand why you all compulsively need to make servers that are exactly alike to other servers.

To the members who dislike how I’m “whoring posts”, I have completely lost the respect of most of the members who were around when I was “fired” and lost my posts. There was minimal sympathy for the spontaneous deletion of my posts and ,almost immediately after I was “fired”, many of you felt like that since I wasn’t a super moderator anymore you could say and act however you please towards me. People who had once shown signs of some friendship had completely turned face and attacked me. When I lost my posts, of course I wanted my posts back. you’d fucking want them back too. I had over four and a half thousand posts over the course of about five years. In those five years, I’ve shared codes, graphics, ganis, levels and made tutorials that many people used to use before my posts were removed. All of my XoriaPW, Graal the Adventure, and Zolderon threads and posts are all gone, too. I didn’t just lose my posts, I lost five years of work and history.

I so dont feel like reading that…

cool story

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Lulz, I’m tainted. Someone throw me out.

You guys are proving his point even more.

fag… If anyone needs to read it, its people like you!

i need to buy spoon a drink

Holy shit! I thought they just dropped your post count. I didn’t realize that they actually deleted all of your posts. Dude, that sucks. I apologize if I’ve ever been a dick about your asking for your posts back. I was under the impression that you just cared about the number under your name.

I actually tried several times to restore the posts, but since vBulletin is a heap of crap, every time I tried to insert the posts manually, it gave the posts and threads new ID’s and shit. This caused the so called “Thread without a owner or false owner”-problem.

The reason why I stripped privileges was so that something like that wouldn’t happen. Of course, people use passwords that others know about and shit happened anyway.

The admin(s) that went rogue were already tired of Graal Reborn, and I just waited for something like this to happen, since it has before.

I agree with most of your posts there Spooon. About the servers, jewbag fucks complaining about stealing shit that wasn’t theres in the first place. Anyways and I also agree it would be shit to lose all your posts. I don’t like you, but you’ve done quite a bit for the community from what I have seen so yeh. It’s a shame to see your threads gone.

Motherfuckers are needing to put their brain in.


Spoon is clearly not accustomed to this much sympathy.

It’s true spoon. We may think that you’re a dick from time to time but we still love you.

Nah, it not that. I was showing one of the guys at work that ‘My Little Pony Friendship is Magic’ is invading GR.

… um ya… i technolly been a member for more than 2 years because of my orginal account was registered 2 years ago but i lost the password for it… other than that… No Comment

I don’t care.

I doubt anyone cares ATM.

More thanks if I don’t name people.

lol, 2007 was the year when anti-unixmad took over and started from scratch with the forums. So it doesn’t necessarily mean that you two joined at the same time.

Sidenote: this is what Graal Reborn went to be before going back to Graal Reborn / anti-unixmad.
On and off between 2005-2007. Eventually we ran reborn and lunaonline side by side until lunaonline faded away.