Permission to use Templates

Hey, I’m Just posting a request. is it alright for my friend to use the eye_sentinel templates? This includes the head, body, and shield. He really loves that look but he insists that he have permission of use. He’s a GFX Himself and he knows very well the sensitive subject of using other people’s customs. He also understands how hard other’s worked to make them, so he understands if someone says he can’t use them. If no one knows the sentinel look, just look at grail reborn’s site picture, the look in question is to the direct left of the sign… All I need is a straight yes he can or no he cant. I’d really appreciate it if someone can tell the person who made those templates to respond to this as well, especially the person who made it. I’ll wait a few days to gather the answers. Thank you for your guys’ time and graal on!

The eye_sentinel stuff is made by Beholder. He’s not active in the community anymore, but I’m pretty sure he’d be pissed if someone used his customized images on iGraal.

It was made to represent Beholder’s Graal alter ego and noone else. Just like my customized head was made by me for me.

Considering his rage at some jackasses on Official using his stuff without permission, he probably doesn’t want to deal with people using his stuff at all.

Just reminding you guys that stolen GFX are not okay.
He’d probably let you if you asked though. But I doubt it.

Yeah he changed his mind, he just can’t use anything he didn’t make, hehe. He’s made other graal related customs like a correctly colored Lizardon baddy head, as well as the gold baddy head (edited from Lizardon head). And he’s uploaded them before, but he can’t bring himself to walk around in things he didn’t make from 100% scratch and would refund it on the same day. I’m sure he’ll be good enough to make his own look he could be proud of one day. Anyway thanks man. Ill take this threat down.

You don’t need to take threads down.

Thread is resolved, no more need to be said(implied by OP). Any further enquiries to certain individuals can always be dealt with via pms.