personal opinions of each other

do we have any? B]

well my opinion of you is that you’re a foxy bastard who likes to wear glasses inside. It sort of pushes out your cool badass factor.

99.999% of the community is ok
0.001% is an asshole

Personally I think that jerk doing the “Graal the Adventure” levelpack is a n00b-ass fag. But the rest of you guys are cool.

And who might that be?

I thought you were a reverse hooker

Is this like a soapbox where I can speak my mind?

Nalin = Chill
Joey = Semi-chill
Beholder = Chillest
Dangerless = Chil(dish)
Opshon = lol
Spooon = Pedophile
Riley = Chill-in-an-arrogant-way
SeraphX = idk chill
Dontar = Fur-chill
Saputo = idk kinda meh
Urza = Chill like Hitler


I’ve had a fair amount of mix-ups on the forum.

I thought:
Nalin = Beholder
gllt = eleventhree
Downsider = HandUpOnYoHip
Spooon = Fork

didn’t make the list? :frowning:

My latest one seems to be “SeraphX = Opshon” no clue why. Haha


Once I thought Opshon was Spooon.

Sometimes he is :smiley:

“chill like Hitler”

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what the fuck you guys

I’m stoned and reading this has me so lost right now

I don’t know where to start uhh

Sounds like a personal problem, carry on.

I’m too new to tell you guys how I really feel about each one of you, but let’s just say you guys are all really, “nice” and “genuine” people.


Why am I a pedophile D:


My theory was that each and every member of this forums is actually just Pickle masquerading as many different people and accounts, creating an artificial community in the hope to spread Graal. :stuck_out_tongue:

If this is not the case, then I do believe this to be a great community and one of my favorite forums in which to lurk lol.