Pet Peeves

Have any?

I can’t stand when people purposely act like retards. (I was never fun at parties)

Spelling Peeves

Stop posting this bullshit.

What peeves me is when people capitalize the first letter of every word In Their Sentence If You Know What I Mean

I hate that too. Should only be done in titles.




Threads like this one.

___Merged doublepost__________________

and forum games of any sort

___Merged doublepost__________________

except for the arcades, they are cool :3

People that are too lazy to update their previous post, so they take advantage of the doublepost merge system. :wink:

j/k, I do it all the time aswell. But I’ll edit the post afterwards and remove the "
___Merged doublepost__________________


Thanks for killing my thread, guys.

it’s its
one won
armor armour
color colour
your you’re
there their they’re

Shit like that.

pointless threads that aren’t in Miscellaneous

blah this keyboard is smaller than what I’m used to.

When people type on keyboards that look like:

When using a PSP or iPhone to browse the web.