Philosopher's Gani

This is my newest creation in Gani-Bastardization.
A shrunken head, at 0.5 Scale. No Filters to break or get hidden.

A once 75Kb file; It consists of 1024 sprites, multiple direction, and one frame of animation.
And this is contained all within a 16x16 box! Behold, this freak of nature; Why does it exist, why was it needed!

Also: Thanks to Nalin for reminding me of \r\

SPRITE 1337 HEAD 2 42 1 1 Left

Talking about: “ZOOMEFFECT spriteindex zoomindex”?
They don’t work on non-static images in ganis, such as bodies, heads, and params/attrs. (Though attrs do work in ‘much’ later versions of graal)

I loved the exploit to edit gani in notepad and add scripts that injected into the server.

Yeah, script ganis…best idea ever…or not

lol? I never heared of that. Guess its fixed? :o

Damn, masochist by chance?

It got fixed, I guess someone found out. Only me and 1 other person knew about it.

Reminds me I was a deviant and attempted things like that back then too, think I was too late, couldn’t do putexplosion with ganis ;D

I never did things like that. I’m of the ‘tinker but don’t mess with others’ mindset.

Unless they subject themselves to my whim willingly.