!!Phoenix Beta Release!!

Phoenix Beta
The time has come! We are going to be opening Phoenix, on September 22nd for beta testing! We’ve spent 3 years working on it and, to be honest, have only a little to show for it! I’ve got to admit, I fully anticipate this being pretty underwhelming considering the time we’ve taken. Regardless, we’ve been working very hard.

So, what?
Yeah. I suppose that’s fair. As mentioned above, we’ve been working on Phoenix for about 3 years. We’ve got a lot of content, but for the sake of testing and letting players get used to our map we are going to be releasing Phoenix in chunks. What that means is that you’re only going to be exposed to only some of the total content.

So, you’re doing like chapter releases?
If you asked that question, then you are very prudent. The answer is yes. Our map is so big in order to develop it properly we have to focus on one area at a time. This should also prove beneficial to the player as they won’t be expected to traverse the whole map aimlessly trying to find things that aren’t yet implemented. That being said, you will be physically restricted by Phoenix from traveling anywhere outside the Beta Testing Boundaries.

So, here is what you can expect:

Chapter 1: The town of Vale and the Klickitat Plateau (RELEASE DATE: Sept. 22nd 2013)
Chapter 2: The kingdom of Artareo and Harbor town (RELEASE DATE: TBA)
Chapter 3: The kingdom of Cloudrest and the Autumn Forest (RELEASE DATE: TBA)
Chapter 4: The kingdom of Montefort (RELEASE DATE: TBA)

Yeah, but what can I find now?
Great question. Chapter 1 will allow the player to roam around the main administrative town of Vale and the surrounding areas, and the quirky, classic Klickitat Plateau town. What will be available? Well:

  • A new Q menu
  • A fresh and easy tailoring system
  • 2 dungeons complete with story lines
  • Two side quests
  • Berry picking, and fishing jobs
  • Achievements
  • A plethora of hats, old and new
  • A 2v2 minigame: Antagonism
  • A safari style hunting game
  • A easy to use spar system
  • and more!

We fully expect for there to be LOTS of bugs, but remember this is why we are having you play! So, we’d like to have you post the bugs you find here: http://forums.graal.in/forums/showthread.php?7563-Bugs-and-Fixes&p=105358#post105358

Well, that’s it. I’d like to thank everyone who has helped out so far, those who have been patient, kind and supportive. We’ve had a lot of fun making it and I hope you all have fun!

Why not open it for the weekend instead of one day? D:

It’ll be open indefinitely. Not just one weekend or one day.

Oh my, the day has come! Can’t wait!! <3

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Sorry for double post; but will it be open right at 12:00 AM or later tomorrow :C if it’s 12 AM i will be up allll day exploring :slight_smile:

TBH, we’ll open it here in like 15mins. It’s already the 23rd for tricxta anyway. I hope you find it satisfying. Remember it’s only a small portion of the map you’ll actually get to play. The rest of it still isn’t don’e :slight_smile:

Vale… Vale… Golden Sun?
Klickitat Plateau… Washington?
Artareo… hmm… http://forums.graalonline.com/forums/showthread.php?t=14737

LOL! Ahh, Rone back in the day. Yeah, Artareo has been around for awhile!

Vale is the term for a valley separated by a stream or river, which is exactly where our town is in the map. That’s where that name came from. I’ve never played the Golden Sun games :frowning:

Klickitat is Klickitat, Washington. I liked the very small population of the town. Seemed remote and weird.

Ah ok thanks!! Can’t wait :):)!!

Okay, we are open!

omg this is so cool

Not so cool. I sold so many hearts to save up 30g, only to have it stolen as I left the starting area.

There’s no such thing as easy money on phoenix sorry.



BTW It’d be nice it staff responded to PMs. I’ve been stuck in the boomerang quest for a while.

Post at 3:10am. You’ll have to concede to not have 24hour immediate staff service.

Now… Mollusk, is it true that you placed every single tile on the server by hand?

I gotta say, it outshines anything anyone had ever done for Graal back in the day. Us oldies are put to shame by that tile work.

I laid 99% of the tiles by hand, yes.sir. The other 1% is a combination of Rone, tricxta, and Dylan had some tiles in there, too.