Phoenix UP

We’ve got Phoenix up and running again.

We’re continuing development on the server. It’s been about a year since we were online so bear with us as we get all our systems up and running again. We appreciate everyone who has been on so far. I’ll keep the forums updated with the progress we are making. As of now, I think we are abandoning some of the more ambitious goals we had that required a robust player base in favor of more simple one to two player interactions.

If anyone is interested in helping, we always need bug busters, and feedback.

I’m curious what these high player base ambitions might be.

Yearly elections for president of phoenix

Trump actually wanted to get into the white house to catch a Mewtwo.

Kingdom systems, essentially.

Really awesome server from what I have seen, but that sell hearts part irks me. lol.

Never trust a stublo.

I think tutorials in graal always suck. They should be optional.

Ours is funny and charming damn it

It’s good, but that one part where you sell hearts etc is just tedious :X A side from that, it was a great tutorial lol. A far sight better then Luminas one, oh god! Go do that… it’s painful.

Also, you may want to expand the room size/room between the walls in that push ice block quest. I kept getting pinned against the walls and unable to move.

But… at the price of missing out on a skipping rope!? I don’t think your argument has any basis here. :smugbert:

fair point
I mean it’s not a bad tutorial, I just don’t like playing tutorials.

It’s part of the graal experience at this point. Tutorials are in every player-world. Graal has to be, like, the easiest game to get the concept of, yet everyone feels like a tutorial is necessary in their player-world, otherwise wat do?.


I lowered the price of the jumpy string to 4 gralats.

Thumbs up.