Pick a image...

Pick a image that I should use for my bigmap on my server, Morrow. :slight_smile:
I just made these now, don’t really know what I should make for the map yet.
I like the first one.

Pick an image. Eek. Sorry.

Also, I’d go with the Sim City rule. Always choose the one with the most land mass.

I highly doubt that you filed for copyrights of those images.

left or middle, but the middle one more .

The middle one is mostly water, so it will mostly be a dock with very little spots to run around on grass. While with the left, it will only be little dock. And, on the right, there will be no dock, with only bridges.

@riley, Thanks for the edit, didnt know. Could of just asked and I could of uploaded the ones without the copyright… just dont want noobs to take my bigmap image.

If you’re using a bigmap you’re almost always headed for failure. The only time it works is if you’re going in and reworking every single cliff.

Do you mean level-generating?

If so, level-generating isn’t so much a prerequisite for failure as much as it creates a really artificial and contrived feeling player-world. How bland, but authentically Graal.

Typically the level-generator just makes cliffs look like shit. You’d be better off leveling the entire island yourself. Also, if I had to pick an image, I’d say the one on the left.

Yeah, noticed that, but I suck at cliffs so ill just leave them for now. And since most of the people say the left image, ive decided to use it. Thanks :slight_smile: