Pixel Progress

I’ve decided my pixel art skills are lacking so i’ve decided to begin practicing. Here’s my first attempt at pixel art in over a year, any and all constructive criticism is welcome. I used DawnBringer’s 32-Color palette, with a few pointers here and there from Riley. What’chas think?

The floor looks a bit weird, but otherwise I love the color choices! Looks good! :slight_smile:

Hey! That looks pretty good. Great job.

Very very nice. Very “Graaly” with the corners and lighting. Great job with the patterns and eliminating any kind of tiled look. Only thing I can really say is watch your light source on those wall bricks. They look like it is coming from the left where everything else is coming from point of view. Treat yourself as the light source.

Thats realy good :open_mouth:

I messed with the floor a bit more, here’s two more updated versions. I cleaned it up in the second one but it looked a little too ‘plain’ so I reverted back to the old style and tidied that up a bit instead. Once again, any CC is welcome.

I think the right one looks better. The floor on the left one looks like the floor boards are bent.

Yeah, I just feel the right one is too “plain”. I’ll mess with the left one a bit and see if i can fix that shadowing.

Too plain is okay for floor tiles. In fact, you don’t want the floor tiles to look busy. Keep them simple and they’ll be easier to tile with, too.

How is this coming?