Planning for a new activity

So I’ll be honest and say I’m kinda let down with the number of players who stuck around on phoenix. What I’m wondering is, could this be fixed.
At the moment, I have an idea that is pretty much a dungeon crawler making use of the already existing baddies around phoenix. Dungeons would be replayable and bring in a unique currency which could then be traded for the main currency.
With the currency you earn from completing dungeons, you can buy armour, pets, equipment, etc… It’d basically be a rpg made in a classic style as to fit into Phoenix without being too alienated.
Dungeon equipment would obviously only be useable within dungeons though, although this may extended to sparring eventually.
The reason for this big change in content direction is that we then get the best of both worlds, i.e. zodiac + classic in one server.

So what do you guys think? If I could pull such a thing off successfully would there be much hope for eventually gathering a steady player base?

Do it!

Great idea!

Just a quick suggestion:
Allow access to more areas without having to complete quests. :slight_smile:
Right when I started Phoenix, I couldn’t stop playing…I don’t think the content itself is the problem, rather: what you did with it.
I never really liked the “out of bounds” idea and to be fair Phoenix needs it. What you should do is keep several places “out of bounds” (major quest areas), but allow easy access to most of the major cities.
For instance, without your help, I would have been stuck in Vale trying to find another item for the quest, not knowing that Kal. was now available to me.
If you really don’t want to change anything else at this point, it would be great if you created a system that would notify us of new locations that are no longer “out of bounds”
However, don’t let this bother you, what I would like to bother you about is the extra bit I added in the Bugs & Fixes:
I’ll need another 20 gralats <3

Keep up the good work!

The bounds were imposed for beta. As more content is developed, more and more of the map will be opened up. It’s no good being able to explore an area if it has nothing in it.

True, it just so happens that Kal. was “unbounded” right when I needed the wizard’s wand :slight_smile:

What’s kal?

Klickitat or Kalcklitat, I can never get the name right, hence the abbreviation.

Klickitat was open from the start o_0

For you,

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Like, you get near a water source, fire the weapon… some gani happens and voilà… insta-horseback riding

Server isn’t the problem. It’s Graal Reborn.

You’re right, we need a npc server.

And you think that will bring players and make them stay? You’re stupid.

You mean the thought that were a bunch of hacker scum?

Don’t be so hard on yourself, it’s an endless cycle:

Imagine a phone company offering a new awesome service but that has no way of advertising it.

This is pretty much the current situation.

The awesome service they offer would also happen to only be awesome if it was ten years ago

Graal can still be awesome. Maybe if graal reborn cut all ties with OG by making completely new software and graphics instead?

I agree, we have the capability of detaching from OG. It will take awhile but it’s not impossible.